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30 DAYS TO FLUENCY: A New Approach To Speech Therapy is a book about fluency, but more importantly it’s a book about lifestyle transformation. In this self-help book I walk you through the same methods I used to achieve 99.9% fluency in my everyday speech. If you give me 30 Days, I’ll give you a radically new life.

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#30 Days To Fluency

A New Approach To Speech Therapy

Proven Results

The steps I took in this book are the same steps that you will use to master fluent speech.

Find Your Voice

Learn how the mind body connection works in conjunction with fluent and dis-fluent speech.

Take Action

Now is the time to make that speech, order what you want, and not be known as the quiet and shy person that people think you are. Your voice matters. Let the world hear you speak.

30 DAYS(1)


  • Creating an action plan to achieve fluency.
  • The Power of Habits
  • Taking responsibility
  • Muscle Memory
  • Creating an anchor
  • Pulling Out Excalibur
  • Fight or flight
  • Giving yourself permission to stutter
  • Giving back and empowering others
  • Dealing with your new identity

Preface + Introduction

Inspiration for this book and the overview of achieving fluency in 30 Days


Ian Trimble is a lifestyle coach, speaker, and author and web designer based in Baton Rouge. Born in Atlanta, his career started in the civil design business before setting up his own web design consultancy, working for small and medium businesses. 30 Days To Fluency is Ian’s first book.

Ian has worked as a land surveyor, draftsman, pc technician, web designer, business and economics teacher before he started his own company,  where he now spends most of his time working with executives about their digital transformation.

He loves whiskey, exercise and collecting rare business books. You can chat to him on twitter @itrimble where you can ask him if he really did once work as an extra in a French vitamin commercial.


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